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Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our team.  Applying for positions is easy.  When we have openings, postings are usually through internet and news publications.  Applications on file are also reviewed prior to interviews being set.

Applying is easy
    Internet:  Send your information to jobs@paveriteflorida.com.  Attach a Resume (.pdf Preferred) that can be held for future reference.

    In Person:  Apply at our office during normal business hours.  Complete an application or supply a Resume for our files.

Important Information
    1.  For positions requiring experience, its best to supply as much professional experience as possible.  Remember, you are selling yourself.
    2.  General Laborer positions do not necessarily require construction experience, IF you are willing to learn.  These positions can be the beginning steps to a life-long career.
    3.  Benefit package and Rate of Pay are among topics discussed at your interview.
    4.  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and prescribe to all Local, State, and Federal employment regulations.
    5.  Applications are kept on file for 1 year.  Feel free to update information filed or let us know you are still interested as time passes.

Applicant/Employee Standards
    The construction environment can pose hazards and challenges not found in other types of employment.  Every employee is responsible to cooperate and promote a Safe working environment for themselves, coworkers and the public. 
    In addition, Applicants and Employees are held to standards which afford Pave-Rite, Inc. to ability to conduct business on levels which many competitors are not able to.

Renewable Programs include:
    1.  Adherence to our Drug Testing Program (pre-hire, annual, random, for cause, and reasonable suspicion.
    2.  Background Investigation (may apply).  (pre-hire, annual review, and for cause)


Benefits offered to Salary and Hourly positions differ slightly.

These include:
    Medical Insurance, incl. dental
    PTO (paid time off)
    Paid Holidays
    Supplemental Insurance available
    Travel pay & Per Diem may apply
    Competitive Wages